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What is Mystery Shopping...

Mystery Shopping is a tool that is used by companies as an assessment tool.  Mystery Shopper Pros   sends a mystery shopper in on behalf of a company to conduct a made up purchase, while examining specific aspects of a selected location.

Often mystery shoppers are looking for specific details:

Shoppers are often given specific ways to make transactions to test the employees knowledge and their customer service performance. For instance, at a restaurant a customer may be asked to pretend they are allergic to wheat, or they could inquire about buying a gift certificate.

By providing valuable feedback to our clients regarding their customer service, the quality/value of their food, cleanliness and more. Companies use this information to improve their training program, recognize outstanding employees, measure the quality of their operations and to see how they can better serve their guests.

Are you Interested in becoming a mystery shopper?  It's fun, it's rewarding and you can choose the shops that best fit your schedule. You can become a shopper now by completing a shopper application form at no charge to you.


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