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Mystery Shopper Pros is pleased to announce the release of Prophet Survey & Prophet IVR. Prophet Survey is a new fully Integrated Web Survey Engine for direct feedback from your customers and employees using a website.  Prophet IVR is a fully Integrated Telephone Survey Engine for direct feedback from your customers and employees using the phone.

Prophet Survey and Prophet IVR can collect feedback regarding your client's business or website directly from your client's customers. Their customers are directed to a Prophet Survey web link (e.g. or a Prophet IVR toll-free phone number where they can answer a survey tailored to your client's specific needs.







Both Prophet Survey and Prophet IVR support many powerful features, such as:

    - Customers can be presented with a customizable confirmation message which can be used to redeem rewards or incentives that may be tied to the program.

    - Quotas that limit how many surveys can be entered per-project, per-location, and/or per-period.

    - Random generation or "drawing" of prizes or rewards.

    - Answer validation to ensure quality data.
Prophet Survey and Prophet IVR are also fully integrated with Prophet's industry-leading data technology, including:
    Mystery Shop Integration - All of your client's data, regardless of source (Prophet, Prophet IVR, Prophet Survey) is housed and managed in Prophet. Your clients can compare and correlate data together in various ways, such as comparing customer feedback surveys with mystery shopping results.

    Dashboard and Executive Summaries - Prophet allows you to customize exactly what your clients see when they log in. The dashboard allows uses to get a snapshot of their project in a matter of seconds without having to navigate through vast amounts of data. Dashboards can include report pages or drill-down-style graphs, and can also be customized by your client so that they can quickly see the data that interests them.

    Statistical Reports - Prophet's reports will summarize any set of data on any criteria -- totaling, counting and averaging on virtually any information.


If you would like further information about our mystery shopping program and would like a Sales Representative to contact you, please Click here and fill out the form provided.






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