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Mystery Shopper Pros is pleased to announce the release of Prophet VIA, a new fully
Integrated Telephone Recording System that will revolutionize the telephone mystery-shop industry.  Prophet VIA allows callers to record any telephone mystery shop without the need to use special equipment or install any other pieces of software.  All that is needed is a phone.
How the Integrated Telephone Recording System process works

  1. The shopper receives an email though our automated scheduling system letting them know that they are eligible.

  2. After the Shopper accepts the assignment they will receive all of the necessary instructions to perform the call including a call script.

  3. The Shopper then calls a toll-free phone number that was provided in the instructions and enters an auto-generated access code when prompted.

  4. The system will then automatically call the appropriate telephone number. Once the call is connected, it immediately starts recording the call.

  5. When the call is completed the system then automatically places the recording into a file for evaluation.  

The system is fully integrated with Prophet's powerful work flow and publishing capabilities.  It can also support multiple recordings for one evaluation.  A shopper may make numerous calls to one location, giving you the option of which one to choose. Important information such as date/time of the call and phone number dialed is also available for tracking purposes.



The benefits of the Integrated Telephone Recording System:

Time and Labor - The Integrated Telephone Recording System works in

conjunction with our scheduling/reporting system to automatically attach

and track phone calls with no manual intervention or file uploading.

Audio Quality - Automatically controls the audio, which provides a

crystal clear sound.

Audio Storage - All files are stored on servers and may be downloaded

or listened to at any time.

Costs - Eliminates the need of special recording systems that would

otherwise be needed for the shoppers and your staff.

Long Distance Fees - The Integrated Telephone Recording System is

accessed by a toll-free number.


This system is cost-effective, simple to use and the only equipment you will need is your telephone.  


If you would like further information about our mystery shopping program and would like a Sales Representative to contact you, please Click here and fill out the form provided.



* Telephone Tapping Laws

  • One-party consent law - Under United States federal law and most state laws (including Washington DC) there is nothing illegal about one of the parties to a telephone call recording the conversation, or giving permission for calls to be recorded or permitting their telephone line to be tapped.

  • Two-party consent law - Twelve states require, under most circumstances, the consent of all parties to a conversation. Those jurisdictions are California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Washington.  If there are more than two people involved in the conversation, all must consent to the taping. 

"This guide is meant as a general introduction to the state of the law concerning electronic recording and its implications."




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