Bar Integrity Shops – What you should know as a shopper – How they can help a business

Mystery Shopper Pros has many customers who utilize shoppers to perform Bar Integrity Shops. These shops may be done on their own or in conjunction with a restaurant shop. Here is what to expect.

You will be required to sit at the bar, or as close to the bar as possible. You need to be able to observe the bartenders closely. Most likely, you will be asked to wait to see if the bartender offers some suggested drinks. You may order something suggested or a drink of your preference. You will need to see how long it takes to be served, was the drink made properly, were you charged the correct amount or did the bartender offer a free drink in exchange for a larger gratuity?

An Integrity Shop is just as it sounds – it focuses on the integrity of the bartenders and their practices. While you will still comment on the customer service aspects of the integrity shop, you have the added responsibility of watching to ensure the bartender is adhering to company policies. For example, is the bartender checking ID’s for any customer who appears to be under the age of 35? Do you see any misdoings such as ringing up drinks as NO SALE or not ringing up a sale after being given a cash payment?

This attention to detail is vital to an Integrity Shop. Questions on the shop report will be centered on clients’ policies and procedures in addition to any laws.

Recently Mystery Shopper Pros had a shop for a high end client. The shop took place in its entirety in the bar; however, in addition to drinks a full meal was also to be ordered. While service in most bars is generally a bit more relaxed, this particular client expects all normal standards to be followed. They are considered a fine dining establishment and the bar should reflect this as well. Unfortunately, aside from the delicious entrees, this was a shop where the bartenders failed on nearly every level. Clearly the shopper’s perception of this shop was less than one of a “Fine Dining” experience.

What went wrong?

- No friendly interaction with customers

- Foul language

- Free drinks given out

- Inappropriate ‘selfies’ behind the bar

- Slow service

While customer satisfaction is certainly top priority, consider the impact to the bottom line and inventory control. Over-pouring and free drinks may gain the bartender greater gratuities, it is actually theft due to lost revenue to their employer.


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