Use Mystery Shopping to Measure Customer Satisfaction

Updated: May 11, 2018

In many ways, owning a mystery shopping company is akin to being in a Quality Assurance role.  During my time in the corporate world I was a certified ISO 9001:2000 Auditor and often read the magazine Quality Digest. (For those readers who are unaware of ISO, it is an International Standard that gives requirements for an organizations Quality Management System)

Quality Digest is geared to ISO nerds such as myself.  In an article titled Measuring and Managing Customer Satisfaction  by Kevin Cacioppo,  were listed some very interesting statistics. Although this article is more than a decade old, many of the points are still applicable today.

Customer Satisfaction Measurement Facts

  • A 5-percent increase in loyalty can increase profits by up to 85%

  • A very satisfied customer is more likely to be loyal and to repurchase and/or recommend your product than is a customer who is just satisfied.

  • Only 4 percent of dissatisfied customers will complain.

  • The average customer with a problem eventually tells nine other people.

  • Satisfied customers tell five other people about their good treatment.

Regarding the last two points, we now live in a world of social media. When a dissatisfied customer complains on FaceBook or Twitter, think of the reach. It is far more than pre-social media days. A complaint can reach hundreds if not thousands in a matter of minutes.

Mystery shopping can certainly provide a means to measure customer satisfaction and can do so with quantitative measurements.  A good mystery shopping program can help identify those areas where customers are thrilled with the product or services they are receiving and can also assist in identifying those areas which need improvement and can help pinpoint the root cause of the dissatisfaction. The objective of any good customer satisfaction program, as defined in this article, is to understand what your customers expect and to determine how you are meeting those expectations. MSP Services can certainly build such a program for any business, large or small.  Visit our website or contact us to discuss what we can do together to help you reach your goals.

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