MSP Services LLC uses Prophet software, the most feature-rich software in the market research and mystery shopping industry.  It is constantly updated with new capabilities, enhancements and is the most powerful and flexible piece of software of its kind available.
The following features are all integrated with Prophet’s industry-leading technology.  Watch the video below to see what Prophet can offer:
Statistical Reports - reports will summarize any set of data on any criteria -  totaling, counting and averaging on virtually any information.

Graphing - Users can create graphs on-the-fly of any report data. Graphs are printable and can be placed into popular applications such as Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc.

Real-time Data Views and Queries - views allow powerful drill-down capabilities in real-time.  Views can be easily customized and configured to group, sort, and categorize data based off of project needs.  Queries can find data matching any criteria chosen.

E-mail Triggers - Automatic emails can be sent to any relevant personnel.  E-mails can include PDFs and/or web links to data, and can be restricted to only appropriate management.

On-Demand and Automated Data Exports - Any information can be sent via e-mail to anyone with one click.  Exports can contain any piece of information collected.  Exports can be scheduled to run automatically and to send data in virtually any format - PDF, Excel, XML, Text-delimited and more.
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